HESI hydro growth, 5Ltr. growth fertilizer for hydro
19,90 EUR
3,98 EUR per
Product No.:HE28

You will get the right nutrients value and conductivity with just one dose.
HESI Hydro fertilizer is full of vitamins, other complex vital substances and bacterial grow substances.
These indead can accomplish some important duties. They create a healthy ground vegetation very fast- even in hostile mediums (rockwool). And they feed the plant with additional plant-active substances, tol stimulate the plant's metabolism. To help the plant absorb nutrients better, ground bacteria und vital substances are employed by HESI fertilzer.

So hydroponic plants,  very healthy and strong, grow and bloom like crazy.
Noble complex-builder will hold the fertilizer stable and will improve the quality of the water.
That means: Trace elements like copper, ferric, zinc etc, will be covered by a protective casing and are protected against any negative action from outside (vermin, fungus or such). So it is guaranteed, that the nutrients will get directly into the root. These complex-building substances are named "chelates". The water quality will be improved by bonding the aggressive lime. This keeps the hoses and water pipes from being blocked by lime and nutrients.
So add HESI SuperVit for a max result.

Metering: 50ml/10Ltrs. (1:200) - 10 Ltrs. are enough for 2000 Ltrs. water.

-detect the pH-value and, if you need to, correct it with HESI pH- or pH+.
-fill the fertilizing pot with water, add HESI Hydro growth and mix it.

Optimal values during the growing:
EC: approx. 1,5ms/cm
pH: 5,8-6,2

Ingrediens: NPK 3+2+4
Nitrogen 3.4% N, Phosphorus 2.0% P2O5, Potassium 3.6% K2O
Other: Magnesium, calcium, sulfur and trace elements iron, molybdenum, iodine, manganese, zinc, copper, boron and cobalt in complex-bound stable form, and the vitamines B1, B2, B12, fructose and amino acids.

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